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Lerch Bates Inc. Resumes Operations in Europe with Purchase of Dewar Partnership Ltd. of the United Kingdom

Steve Fall Appointed Managing Director

Steve FallLerch Bates Inc., an international consulting firm for elevators and escalators, window
washing equipment and building logistics, has reestablished operations in Europe with the purchase of Dewar Partnership Ltd., a London-based elevator and escalator consulting company.

Dewar Partnership provides innovative technical and economical solutions to improve the operation, quality and safety of elevators and escalators throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. The firm’s team of expert consultants specializes in the vertical transportation needs of the commercial, leisure, financial, retail, education, health, transportation and aviation industries in both the public and private sectors.

“Dewar Partnership is a great addition to our organization,” said Lerch Bates Inc. President and CEO Bart Stephan. “The purchase of the firm provides Lerch Bates Inc. an established foothold as we return to operations in this rapidly growing region. Lerch Bates Inc. continues to expand its global footprint and this acquisition gives us an immediate local presence in one of our industry’s most competitive markets.”

Dewar Partnership has appointed Steve Fall as the Managing Director. He has more than 38 years of valuable industry experience and has developed a detailed and comprehensive level of expertise in the installation, project management, modernization and maintenance sectors. He has worked since 2001 as a managing vertical transportation consultant overseeing the continued growth and development of regional offices in the United Kingdom and Europe and consulting on many diverse projects. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree.

“I look forward to leading Dewar Partnership as Lerch Bates Inc. strategically resumes operations in the European marketplace,” Fall said. “Architects and property owners and managers throughout the region will receive the identical level of extraordinary expertise and local customer service that they have expected from Dewar Partnership. It’s very exciting that the firm now has the support and backing of the industry’s most respected and innovative company with offices located around the world.”

Matt ScanlanFounded in 1947, Lerch Bates Inc. is the oldest and largest vertical transportation consulting firm in the world and has consulted on the elevator and escalator systems of many of the world’s tallest buildings. The firm relies on its unique expertise in elevator engineering and technology to design and modernize elevator systems all over the world including the 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1,476-foot Nanjing Greenland Financial Center in Nanjing, China and 1,389-foot Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, Illinois.

Matt Scanlan, previous owner of Dewar Partnership, remains with the firm as an Executive Director and as a member of its Board of Management. Matt brings over 42 years’ experience in the vertical transportation business, which includes extensive international responsibilities. These responsibilities include international CEO and COO positions with major elevator contracting and manufacturing companies. To learn more about Dewar Partnership, visit dewarpartnership.co.uk.