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2013 Lerch Bates Consultant’s Forum

Lerch Bates Inc. celebrated its successes of 2012 by hosting a four-day Consultant’s Forum from May 7-10. Thirty different speakers presented new industry information regarding the business lines that Lerch Bates provides expert technical services—Elevator Consulting, Façade Access and Logistics. One such speaker was Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S., a member of the National Speakers Association and author of two books and many published articles.

Ms. Reisman presented a two-hour keynote address entitled, “Speak For Yourself.” She used interaction techniques to engage the audience and demonstrate that all 18 Lerch Bates offices around the world face the same day-to-day challenges. One of her many points was that the brain remembers roughly only 25% of what it encounters throughout the day and we must dictate what that 25% will be when meeting new industry contacts. In addition, Ms. Reisman gave each of the attendees an autographed copy of her new book, “The Naked Truth About Selling,” which divides her concepts into three sections—Attitude, Game Plan and Action.

Thank you Karen Cortell Resiman for a fun, educational and engaging experience.