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Lerch Bates Inc.: Changes In European Operations

Lerch Bates Inc., the Denver, Colorado, based international consulting firm for elevators, façade access and building logistics, confirms it is not associated with MovvéO Ltd. of the United Kingdom. Lerch Bates Inc. is now engaged with new opportunities in Europe through its Dewar Partnership brand.

Lerch Bates Inc. announced on Dec. 2, 2014, that the firm reestablished operations in Europe with the purchase of Dewar Partnership Ltd., a London-based elevator and escalator consulting company. The firm also announced at that time Steve Fall, an industry leader with more than 38 years of valuable industry experience who has developed a detailed and comprehensive level of expertise in the installation, project management, modernization and maintenance sectors of the vertical transportation industry, was named Managing Director of Dewar Partnership. Matt Scanlan, a 42-year industry veteran and previous owner of Dewar Partnership, remains with the firm as an Executive Director and as a member of its Board of Management. Lerch Bates Inc. will continue to operate in Europe under the Dewar Partnership brand.

MovvéO Ltd. is owned and led by Chairman Adrian Godwin.

For more information, contact Steve Fall at +44 (0) 203 151 2088 or stephen.fall@dewarpartnership.co.uk.

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