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Lerch Bates Inspection Services

Lerch Bates Inspection Services is a full service inspection firm specializing in Federal, State, County and City mandated elevator and escalator code inspections.

We provide the following code mandated inspection services across the United States:

  • Annual no load & pressure witnessing inspections
  • Five year full load witnessing inspections
  • Routine or semi-annual code inspections
  • Witness annual escalator inspections (Step Skirt Indexing & Comb Plate Impact)
  • Accident inspections
  • Private code inspections
  • Witness elevator life safety test (Fire Life Safety & Emergency Power)

We follow a project management approach and provide the following services for building owners, property management firms, insurance companies, elevator companies and municipalities:

  • Highly trained inspectors with current Qualified Elevator Inspector licenses
  • Inspectors are licensed in each state that allows 3rd party inspection services
  • Scheduling and management of the entire inspection process
  • Typed report on the required State or Federal Inspection Form provided to all parties
  • Inspection reports reviewed for accuracy and proper code references for any noted violations
  • Filing services
  • Digital archive of all inspection reports are kept for 7 years

In addition, Lerch Bates Inspection Services can provide additional risk management services as well as a complete permit management program to ensure that each of your vertical transportation systems is properly permitted and current with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Safety of the riding public is our # 1 priority and we enforce this commitment with each and every elevator and escalator code inspection we complete.

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