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World’s Largest BMUs (building maintenance units)

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my involvement with the commissioning of the new building maintenance unit (BMU) at the Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the time, it was thought that the Duke Energy BMU, with a telescoping boom that extends to approximately 130 feet, was the second largest BMU in the world.

And then I received a comment from a reader inquiring about a “World’s Largest BMU” list.  After a quick Google search, I found that no such list exists.

So I started asking around—it helps to know some of the foremost facade access consultants in the world—and got some great information from a colleague in our Lerch Bates New York office Don Zeni.

The world’s largest BMU (according to overall jib length) goes to 88 Philips Street in Sydney Australia.  This unit has a 5 stage jib with a maximum outreach of 156’-7” (47.75m) and an 18 foot (5.5m) vertical mast stroke.  In addition the Philips Street unit luffs up 45 degrees and down 25 degrees and weighs a whopping 250,000lbs.

Below is a short list of large BMU’s (according to jib or boom length).

Unfortunately there is no “official” ranking so this info is a best educated guess.  I’m certain there are more in the 40m – 45m range.

88 Philips Street – 156’-7” (48m)
Sydney, Australia – CoxGomyl

Dubai Jewel Tower – 154’-2” (47m)
Dubai, UAE – XS Platforms

EEUU – 137’-9” (42m)
Houston, TX (Largest in US) – Gind

One New Change – 134’-6” (41m)
London, UK – CoxGomyl

One Mellon Bank – 129’ (39.3m)
Pittsburgh, PA – Tractel

Duke Energy – 124’-7” (38m)
Charlotte, NC – CoxGomyl

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