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Healthcare Design Conference (HDC) 2010

Lerch Bates attended the Healthcare Design Conference in November in Las Vegas, with our Materials Management/Materials Handling business line.  In these times, it seems as though attendance at trade shows is waning with the tightening of belts and closer monitoring of overhead expenses.  However, you never would have known that at this show held at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Even with our struggling economy, it is very reassuring to see a turn out like this.  It means several things:

  • There is healthcare design work happening
  • Architects and designers are still keeping up with their continuing education
  • Architects and designers are still excited about what they are doing
  • New work  and optimism are simmering all of the time

The healthcare design industry seems to remain somewhat strong in these times.  Many attendees passed by the booths with optimism that has not yet been reached in other design disciplines. There were several opportunities to chat with our clients and potential clients about their feelings about the future.

This was great to be able to connect with our clients to see what the future may hold.

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