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Making Strides

There are countless organizations, groups and associations that bring industry professionals together for mutual assistance, advice, support, news, etc.  This type of networking is certainly not new, but can be more valuable than ever before given today’s fast-paced work environment, rapid advancements in technology, never-ending search to become more efficient, cost control measures and so on.

A premier organization in the transit world is the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), which serves to strengthen and improve public transportation across the country.  Its membership base is comprised of owners and operators that provide a variety of transportation services, private companies that perform transportation related work, government agencies, state DOT’s, academic institutions and the like.

APTA utilizes many methods that ultimately serve the public interest.  Information sharing amongst members and volunteers is an example that represents the basis by which improvements and efficiencies can be seen in operations, equipment and materials.  Elevators and escalators are included in this activity via the Elevators and Escalators Technical Forum (EETF).  The EETF connects public and vertical transportation stakeholders in a venue that promotes the very nature of what industry resources are all about.

The current economic climate and political beliefs aside, investment in public transportation has grown and must continue to do so for a variety of reasons.  Different challenges and constraints are often encountered whether maintaining a state of good repair, rebuilding existing infrastructure, or expanding a service line.  As transit systems focus more on their elevator and escalator equipment, the need to network and partner with colleagues in the vertical transportation industry becomes greater.

In a sense, the collective public transportation industry (at least in regard to elevators and escalators) is pushing through barriers and making strides to the future; the support of which through active participation within organizations such as APTA and the EETF is beneficial for all.

When we’re on track and heading in the same direction, good things can happen.

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