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Flooring Options for Elevators in Public Transit Systems

In the land of Public Transit Systems there are a number of unique situations that your vertical transportation equipment and systems must endure.  There is extreme heat followed by extreme cold.  There are frustrated fans when the home team loses.  There are happy fans when the home team wins. There is fire, wind, rain and snow.  However, one of the most difficult situations to prepare for is when the car is used as a restroom.

Without getting into the specifics of the chemical reactions and corrosive level of the material we are dealing with, designing a platform and flooring material that will allow the elevators to be cleaned thoroughly is key.  It is also important to stop liquid of any type from working down into the subflooring and platform to prevent a deterioration of the supporting structure.

One design we have found to be effective has been to provide a stainless steel 1/4″ sub floor and door sill.  We require this in both new design and when installing new floors on existing units.  The stainless has proven to be virtually impervious to corrosive activity.  A stainless steel cove where the walls meet the floor is also imperative.  A poured epoxy flooring has been found to be nearly indestructible and water tight.  When the flooring is curved up into the cove area it forms a sort of pan.  This pan shape prevents material from seeping down into the frame and makes it relatively easy to clean and disinfect the elevator.  The floors we have installed over the last few years are wearing extremely well and have proven to be fairly easy to maintain.

A clean experience proves to be much more pleasant for the disabled or the young parent pushing a carriage.

The sweet smell of victory perhaps?

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