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Should you inspect and test your exterior building maintenance system?

Worker safety should always be a number one priority when working with exterior building maintenance equipment. Due to wear and tear and in some instances faulty installation, OSHA requires annual inspection and testing of exterior building maintenance equipment.

Testing should include a visual inspection of all system components, including eye bolts, davit pedestals, davit sockets, davit arms and hoisting cables. The inspection should also include safety tie backs and horizontal lifelines.  All deficiencies should be noted and corrected before use.

Frequently, areas in which the components are connected to building structures are not visible, due to roofing materials etc.. In these circumstances, a visual inspection of the attachment to building structure is not possible.  In this instance a load test is required in order to ensure that the equipment is in safe workable order.  At a minimum, regardless of accessibility, the equipment should be load tested at least once every ten years.

The test results including deficiencies should be presented in a report format so that the building maintenance company may clearly understand the noted deficiencies and correct them before the equipment is utilized.

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