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Bags Fly for Free!

Herb Kelleher’s Southwest Airlines legacy lives on.  Through his creative leadership, SWA, not only benefited from a niche in the market, but became a leader in customer service.  For major industries, it is very easy to ‘continue-to-continue’, instead of taking a hard tack into a prevailing headwind and creating a ‘New Best Thing.’

Advance elevator and escalator monitoring and intelligence are one of these ‘New Best Things.’  Real time monitoring, statistical analysis and predictive service indicators allow building owners, facility managers and extend the life of expensive assets and increase responsiveness of the equipment.  Just like Southwest, it takes a company that is willing to take a hard tack into the wind to create massive value from a simple concept.

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Six years ago, Chuck Olsen, then President of Lerch Bates, took a simple concept … ‘Real time elevator monitoring’ and gave it a unique twist.  The twist focused on the analysis and presentation of elevator monitoring data in a manner that created demonstrable value for building owners working in partnership with their service maintenance providers.

For the building owner or a facilities director, he now had access to third-party independent data from one of the most expensive mechanical assets in their building.  They now had information that allowed them to make intelligent decisions on maintenance, equipment modernization and user satisfaction.  He now knows that quality of the service being provided be the installed vertical transportation unit.

For the maintenance company, using this data in partnership with the building owner creates a tight working partnership.  The maintenance company now can tailor its approach to the building to the exacting needs of the owner.  The maintenance company reduces it’s labor exposure, can better anticipate the needs of the owner and provides a better relationship with the owner.

Everyone wins!

With SWA, – ‘Bags Fly Free’.  This simple concept has allowed this airline to soar to new heights, and as Herb Kelleher as said , “We defy gravity!”  Elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters and other vertical transportation devices have ‘Free Bags’… they are called ‘Operational Statistics’.  They are available from almost any device and available to building owners and facility managers to allow them to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, and put them back in control of their assets.

‘Ding’ – You are Free to Move Around Your Building.

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