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Elevator Maintenance V3.0

In 2005 I published a brief for our clients on the status of elevator maintenance. This portion of the industry’s “bread and butter” as coined by Peter Leavers in his post on facilities-manager.co.uk has changed more in the last 10 years than the previous 40. So much so that my 2005 brief is probably out of date. So here’s an update:

The equipment is better. Today’s installations are MRL gearless machines which require less maintenance. This sole product line has influenced that way service companies approach maintenance.

Maintenance is more regulated by code than ever before. Previously the market drove maintenance habits, today, code requires an MCP – maintenance control program for every unit. Our word of caution – the equipment owner is required to ensure the MCP is in place and is followed. One of our peers, John Koshak, has authored two books as well as articles in Elevator World explaining the MCP as a contractor requirement.

Remote monitoring has improved and remote diagnostics is being used to varying levels. Safe to assume that remote repair is in the background somewhere.

Another safe assumption…it will be less than 5 years before V3.0 is outdated and we will be writing about Elevator Maintenance V4.0.

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