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How Does Your Organization Spell I T ?

Hiring a third party firm to audit your IT organization is beneficial, or perhaps essential,  if you feel you are not leveraging your resources to drive your business forward.  Our strategic objective for IT is to position our resources to pull the organization forward with enabling and creative processes, while using hardware, software and applications to add value to our deliverables.  Our IT history was reactive with inadequate support to challenges that were essential to our core business.  We were hurting ourselves through inadequate IT capabilities.

Small organizations often do not have qualified management resources to identify fundamental IT challenges and implement appropriate solutions. If this sounds familiar, reach out to a fully qualified third party IT support organization capable of assisting you in the following ways:

  • Root cause analysis of specific issues,
  • Developing a project team with a focused task approach,
  • Designing the right network solutions,
  • Directing appropriate hardware and software purchases,
  • Overseeing the corrective action process,
  • Avoiding unnecessary downtime during transition,
  • Avoiding unnecessary investments,
  • Completing the entire process in minimal time.

Assessing the various IT support organizations and selecting the best fit can be challenging. Begin with a well prepared RFP and network in the local business community to identify qualified providers that are well suited for your size and type of firm.  Interview candidates and question them in depth to understand their proposals and enable you to select the best partner firm.  Price should not be the primary factor in selecting an IT support organization.  This will become very clear when you drill down into the contrasting solutions offered by the various bidders.  Trust your gut instinct as to which firm offers the best solution and is the right fit for your organization at a suitable price.

Once hired, it is essential the third party firm be closely monitored and managed, and held precisely accountable for the project work for which they have been hired.  This investment has the potential to be an enormous enabler for your company if the process is a close collaboration to deliver the planned result.  Left to deliver results without both support and scrutiny of a third party auditor, your IT firm will likely disappoint with inadequate results.  A moderate investment to audit your IT organization through a third party company may well return multifold benefits and reduce opportunity costs which were previously not quantified.

What company can afford to have their IT department provide mediocre support?  Leverage IT as a strategic resource to drive the company forward!

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