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Want Greater Success in Life? Become a Better Sales Person.

I have noticed throughout my life that success is tied directly to how good a person can sell.  I first noticed this in my children when they would ask for toys or food when we were out shopping.  I would say “NO.”  First came the temper tantrums, then the crying fits, then the bouts of verbal anger and, finally, the kisses, hugs and “I love you.”  I must say that they were quite quick to learn how to sell their ideas and get what they wanted.  Persistence and change transformed them into successful sales persons (Success at getting what you want).

We all can remember dating when we were teenagers.  This, again, was a process of selling yourself to someone you wanted to date.  The better you were at selling yourself meant the higher the probability of getting the date you wanted.  This is also true of marriage.  The individual who can’t sell the idea of a better life to a potential spouse is bound to be single for the rest of their life.  Continual trial and error will help develop an individuals’ skill to become a successful sales person (Success at getting a date and getting married).

Job hunting meant submitting a resume and hoping for an interview (A resume is a device used to sell yourself to potential employers).  The interview allows you the opportunity to sell yourself to the interviewer.  Like dating, continual trial and error will help you develop the skills necessary to become a successful sales person in front of interviewers (Success at getting a job).

I got my first job and after a short period of time decided that management was the place I wanted to be.  After much work and determination I finally got here.  Know why?  Yes, I became better at selling myself.  Here’s how.  I learned the job responsibilities of the position on the next rung up on the ladder.  I would then assist higher-ups with their job responsibilities until they relied on me week in and week out.  After becoming competent at these duties, I asked management for the higher position when it became open.  I had sold myself to management by doing the job, without being asked.  (Success at getting the position I wanted).

At a certain employment level within a firm you will be working on teams.  These may be project teams, research teams, company committees, etc.  This is when you need to learn how to sell your ideas to a group.  One of the fastest ways to a promotion is to sell your idea to a committee that impacts the bottom line (profitability) of the company you work within.  I now work in a position that compensates me well enough so that I can do the things I want to do when I am not at work (Success to live the way I want too).

I want to remind everyone of this fact.  You may have more knowledge, experience, or longevity than anyone else in your company.  These things don’t mean a thing if you can’t sell yourself and these attributes.

If you think I’m wrong, then sell me on your idea!

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