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Lerch Bates Inspection Services

Lerch Bates Inspection Services is a full service inspection firm specializing in Federal, State, County and City mandated elevator and escalator code inspections.

We provide the following code mandated inspection services across the United States:

  • Annual no load & pressure witnessing inspections
  • Five year full load witnessing inspections
  • Routine or semi-annual code inspections
  • Witness annual escalator inspections (Step Skirt Indexing & Comb Plate Impact)
  • Accident inspections
  • Private code inspections
  • Witness elevator life safety test (Fire Life Safety & Emergency Power)

We follow a project management approach and provide the following services for building owners, property management firms, insurance companies, elevator companies and municipalities:

  • Highly trained inspectors with current Qualified Elevator Inspector licenses
  • Inspectors are licensed in each state that allows 3rd party inspection services
  • Scheduling and management of the entire inspection process
  • Typed report on the required State or Federal Inspection Form provided to all parties
  • Inspection reports reviewed for accuracy and proper code references for any noted violations
  • Filing services
  • Digital archive of all inspection reports are kept for 7 years

In addition, Lerch Bates Inspection Services can provide additional risk management services as well as a complete permit management program to ensure that each of your vertical transportation systems is properly permitted and current with all Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Safety of the riding public is our # 1 priority and we enforce this commitment with each and every elevator and escalator code inspection we complete.

Did You Know?

Facade Access BMU on the Burj Khalifa

Our clients know.

Our consultants regularly collaborate on different disciplines within the same contract, saving our clients time and money. The same trusted service and expertise, anywhere in the world, on any size of project.

To learn more about our complementary disciplines and find out if you could benefit, please visit www.LerchBates.com, or ask your consultant for more information.

Everybody knows.  Lerch Bates knows elevators.

But not everybody knows, that for 20 years, Lerch Bates has been an industry leader in Facade Access consulting, and Materials Management/Materials Handling consulting.