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Lerch Bates Inc. Opens New Office in Shanghai

Lerch Bates Inc., the world’s largest vertical transportation and elevator consulting firm, opened Lerch Bates (China) Ltd., a new business in Shanghai, to serve the fast-growing Asian building industry.

Lerch Bates began developing operations in Shanghai in 2010 and established the company’s first office in the Asia Pacific region in Shanghai’s Jing An Central Business District. Lerch Bates (China) Ltd. will provide vertical transportation, façade access and materials management/materials handling consulting.

“This new company anchors Lerch Bates among China’s most dynamic leaders in the construction and building industry,” said Keenan Potter, general manager and director of Lerch Bates (China) Ltd. “Now building owners, architects and property managers in China will have better access to our experts so we can deliver the same ready access and level of superb customer service we offer to our other international clients.”

Lerch Bates President Bart Stephan said the firm has worked with Chinese and American architectural firms on a number of iconic projects throughout the Asia Pacific Region including Qingdao International Shipping Center, Qingdao, China; CCTV Tower, Beijing, China; Nanjing Greenland Center, Nanjing, China.

“This expansion establishes a strong foothold that is an important step toward the growth of our global consulting business,” Stephan said.