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Innovative Facade Access for Wuhan Greenland Center

Lerch Bates’ façade access experts are assisting with the design and placement of ten different building maintenance units (BMU) within the Wuhan Greenland Center tower in Wuhan, China. The BMUs will travel through operable doors in the façade in order to access the building exterior.  Nine of these units will feature a “knuckling” or “multi-slewing” jib arm in order to provide complete façade access while minimizing the number of operable doors required.  Each unit will be able to suspend two workers and light tools in addition to the heaviest pane of glass present in the curtain wall, which will allow for glass replacement from the exterior.

The tower will incorporate several other revolutionary design techniques aimed at making the building more efficient. The footprint is a tripod shape with rounded corners, built around a composite concrete and steel core that tapers extensively as it travels upward. Additionally, vents will be built into the structure at the tips of the three legs, which will further improve the tower’s aerodynamic performance and house façade access equipment. Several other sustainable elements will also be integrated, including a greywater recovery system, a high efficiency lighting system, a daylight-responsive control system, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture recently won an international design competition to design the tower which upon completion will reach 606 meters (1,988 feet) high, becoming the world’s fourth tallest building.