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In a previous blog, I had discussed how the collective public transportation industry is pushing through barriers and making strides to the future.

One example that demonstrates this focus is a project being spearheaded by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies (TRB).  More specifically, a synthesis on the “Successful Practices for Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement of Elevators and Escalators and Related Safety Issues in US Transit Agencies” has recently been initiated.  In short, the result of this effort is intended to aid public transit agencies and others in determining how to develop a variety of successful practices associated with elevators and escalators in the transit environment.  The synthesis details can be found through this link.

Transit agencies often look to one another (whether formally through a peer review process or informally through various forms of networking) to identify lessons learned, best practices, and corresponding solutions.  This is certainly not a new concept, but for those stakeholders associated in any way with public transit vertical transportation, this is an extremely worthwhile endeavor that will (hopefully) put the pieces together in a meaningful way.

Hats-off to the TRB and its supporters for authorizing this synthesis….it definitely bears watching as the research proceeds and the final product is published.

Lerch Bates Continues to Provide QEI Certification

Lerch Bates and QEI Services have recently signed an agreement to jointly market and provide ASME QEI initial certification training and to conduct continuing education courses related to maintaining QEI certification.

This joint venture agreement partners Lerch Bates with QEI Services in the marketing and execution of classes throughout Lerch Bates’ network of branches across the country to generate interest and enrollment in QEI certification. The aim for Lerch Bates and QEI Services will be to raise the bar for QEI education in the industry.

QEI Services will expand their geographic reach, while Lerch Bates strengthens its reputation as a code expert. “Lerch Bates is excited with the opportunity to partner with QEI Services to promote better code awareness which will ultimately improve elevator and escalator safety to the riding public” states Bryan Hines, Vice President of Lerch Bates.

“This is a great opportunity to extend the QEI Services brand with Lerch Bates on a national and international scope along with raising the level of education in the elevator industry,” said Michael Robinson, President of QEI Services.

A current list of upcoming classes can be found on the QEI website: http://www.qeiservices.com/QEI/Classes